Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Homicide Detectives Cat Leigh and Marci Welles struggle to solve the monthly Kalendar Killer murders, which were always committed on national holidays. Five people, beginning with Janice Handera on Mother’s Day, died under brutal circumstances. The crime scenes provide no clues other than the banners proclaiming “Happy ?? Day” in which the victims are wrapped; and the clock is quickly ticking toward Thanksgiving. When one small skin cell, compliments of a woodpecker, offers a ray of hope in solving the case, Cat and Marci follow a trail that leads from West Palm Beach to Seattle, Washington; to Malibu, California; to Niagara Falls, New York; and finally to St. Louis, Missouri before returning them to Florida.

A year later the Detectives are once again in the news but the reasons are very different. Cat Leigh finds herself on the receiving end of rape… her survival nothing less than a miracle. With both her body and soul beaten and battered, her near death experience casts a new light on how she views crimes against women. These changes become obvious during the investigation of a local lifeguard known for using his breast stroke as much out of the water as in the water. With 800 women as potential suspects, Cat and Marci have their work cut out for them. Both Cat's rape and the lifeguard's murder pose intriguing questions. Why did Cat's rapist, who later added torture and murder to his list of crimes, spare her? Is it possible that hundreds of "laid and played" women could have conspired to kill the man who broke their hearts? If they did, how did they find each other and which one actually is responsible for the kiss of death?

THROUGH THICK AND THIN is a crime drama based on real people and real situations. The models for Cat Leigh and Marci Welles are my daughter, Jessica Carbone McKinney, a rape survivor, and Mary Bedwell Bain, her best friend since high school and the PBSO crime scene investigator who helped to capture Jessica’s attacker.