Illustrations by Kevin Mayle

This book would not have been possible if my daughter, Jessica, and son-in-law, Kevin, hadn’t met and fallen in love eight years ago. That love led to marriage which, in time, led to the creation of a beautiful family. Blake Thomas McKinney, the “author” of this book is a wise-beyond-his years little boy. He has a big heart, a kind soul and a creative mind. His love for animals leaves little doubt that his chosen career path will one day take him on a safari through the animal kingdom. If not that… he is going to be a superhero!

There is not a day that goes by when the well-being of Blake, his sister Everest, and my new grandson Connor (compliments of my son Michael and daughter-in-law Leah) do not influence the decisions I make. My family is my life and this book (and those that come after it) are my “Thank you” for the many happy memories I share with these – the people I love.

A very special thank you to Kevin Mayle who, although not blood related, is definitely a member of our family. The love he put into this book is evident in each and every illustration. His talent has brought my stories to life and, for that, I will be forever grateful. Please visit Kevin's website:


Upon first reading, Lambie and Me will appear to be a children’s book or, more accurately, a book for adults to read to the young children in their lives. I’m sure every parent, grandparent and great grandparent… every aunt, uncle and cousin… will smile remembering similar experiences shared with a beloved child.

But, Lambie and Me is so much more than a trip down memory lane. This book is a morality tale… one that weaves the importance of good character into the narrative. The story subtly touches on the importance of family and explains how parents begin to teach their children long before those children are born.

Lambie and Me speaks to adults and children alike about the importance of loyalty, kindness, empathy and friendship. Children will learn the meaning of unconditional love. This book opens the door for discussion even with the youngest of children and leaves a lasting impression as children grow into adulthood.

A little preview of the amazing work being created by artist/illustrator Kevin Mayle. Just click on the images to see more of his artwork.


If you loved Calvin and Hobbes, you will love Lambie and Me, a series of children's books for parents, grandparents and everyone who agrees that kids really do say the darndest things... at least, this kid does!


My name is Blake Thomas McKinney. Way back before I was born, my parents began teaching me about honesty and integrity. While I was still cocooned in my mom's belly, she and dad would talk to me about being a good person. When you are told the importance of good character day after day for nine months, it's hard to ignore the message once you actually enter the real world.

So, in an attempt to be the kind of person my parents want me to be - even though I am just four years old and don't fully understand the consequences of my actions - I want to be totally open and say that I did not write this book. Well, I did write it but not with pencil in hand and, certainly, not in full sentences. That job I'm leaving to Nonna, my grandma ghost writer. Don’t worry... she only sounds scary.

Nonna and I seemed to understand each other from the moment I was born. You see when Nonna is not being a wife to Poppi and a mother to my mom and Uncle Michael; when she is not being a Nonna to me, my baby sister Everest, my new cousin Connor, and Uncle Michael's cat, Seven, she is a wordsmith. Wordsmiths pound on a keyboard the way blacksmiths pound on horseshoes. They have visions and they hear voices in their head. At least, that’s what Nonna said. It must be true because before I could talk, that's how Nonna and I communicated. I "did" things and made babbling sounds that weren’t always perfectly clear, yet Nonna understood. She got me from the start!

Lambie and Me will feature stories based on my adventures growing up. Four years is a long time so there are a lot of stories. This one begins the day I was born  - May 21, 2013. Lambie was born six months later, which was when we met. Before then, he was just a piece of cloth and a lump of cotton. He couldn’t walk. He couldn’t talk. He had no life. After we met, well, everything changed. Where I go, he goes. When I take a nap, he takes a nap whether he’s tired or not. We eat together; we play together; we even got potty trained together. If I get dirty, mom plops him in the bathtub with me. Of course, I have to keep his head above water because all that cotton makes him sink to the bottom. He's just not a good swimmer. Lambie is my confidante. I tell him all my dreams and he promises never to repeat them to anyone. Lambie always keeps his promises. He’s my best friend. 

Lambie and Me illustrations by Kevin Mayle


Illustrations by Kevin Mayle

Illustrations by Kevin Mayle

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