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“Author Donna Carbone published this story about two female detectives, Cat and Marci, officers of the Palm Beach County Sheriffs Department. They solve not one, but three crimes. While the reader enjoys the fast moving pace, he/she learns how to be safe and avoid becoming a crime victim. I liked the fact that there are three stories, not just one as in most crime novels. The safety tips are common sense but add lots of value to a very good read. Thank you Donna Carbone.” (posted to

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The second Cat Leigh and Marci Welles crime novel.


Silk Suit - Stone Heart continues Donna's tradition of giving her readers big crimes for a small price. Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office Homicide Detectives Cat Leigh and Marcie Welles track a killer intent on killing politicians while they are dining in local restaurants. If they make it through their Caesar salad's, they just might make it through the night. The fact that a radioactive chemical element more commonly found in Russia than the USA is being used gives the crimes an aura of international intrigue. When the actual killer is uncovered, Cat and Marci are reminded that one should never judge a book by its cover... or a person by their seeming lack of intellect.

A short time later, Cat and Marci investigate the murder of one of Palm Beach County's most high-profile organized crime leaders. Sixty-year-old Vincent Colangelo is tall, imposing, with a full head of silver hair and hard facial features dominated by a classic Roman nose. He has a confident air that intimidates even the most self-assured and successful of his associates. His suits, numbering well over 100, are black—the only color he ever wears. Each is a Mariano Rubinacci original made in the elegant waterfront neighborhood of Chiaia in Naples, southern Italy’s tailoring capital. Chiaia is considered to be superior to London’s Savile Row and, since Vincent considers himself superior to everyone in every way, his clothing is a reflection of the man. When Vincent enters a room wearing one of these suits, his body language fairly shouts,  “You can’t touch me.”

While still in his forties, Vincent gained control of one of the most powerful organized crime families on the east coast. For six months of the year, he rules his kingdom from a zen-inspired mansion in Manalapan, Florida where he is a familiar face on the boards of some recognized charities and at fundraisers frequented by the social elite of Palm Beach Island.

Vincent’s wife, Maria, somewhere between 40 and don’t ask, is petite and beyond beautiful. The sight of her from the rear has grown men biting the knuckle of their index fingers with barely concealed passion. From the front, their reaction is an immediate bulge in their trousers that no amount of shifting can hide. She has shoulder length auburn hair that sparks with aurulent lights reflecting off the heavy 18 carat gold jewelry she always wears on her wrists and around her neck. She prefers diamonds the size of moth balls in her ears and baseballs on her fingers. Maria Colangelo is accustomed to the best of everything, and her strong-willed temperament, which is a challenge even for her more strong-willed husband, guarantees that she always gets what she wants.

When Vincent is found dead in the penthouse suite at the Ritz Carlton/Manalapan, Cat and Marci fear it will trigger a crime wave unlike anything that Palm Beach County has ever seen.

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The first Cat Leigh and Marci Welles crime novel - Through Thick and Thin - is also available on in paperback and for Kindle.

COMING IN 2018 -- The third Cat Leigh and Marci Welles crime Novel

Book cover is a work in progress

Book cover is a work in progress